Summary of Program

Your culture is unique to your organization. It can be used to attract (and repel!) the right candidates and customers that will help your business grow. But how can you say someone isn’t a culture fit if you haven’t defined what your culture is? This program is based on a foundation that is customized to your needs. Featuring group discussions led by our facilitation expert, this program is designed to assist organizations in creating their core values and, perhaps more importantly, how to encourage the entire company to live by them.

Key Benefits

  • Build a stronger culture and employer brand
  • Increase morale and employee engagement
  • Create accountability for increased productivity and growth
  • Attract and hire top talent
  • Retain high performers
  • Construct a powerful differentiation from your competition


Program Details

  • Organizational leaders will work through the 5 Elements
  • Program duration could last one quarter or one year, depending on time availability and commitment of the organization and its leaders



  • Instruction and facilitation from university professor, coach, and HR expert
  • Organizational assessment
  • Personal facilitation to ensure best practices
  • Program materials
  • Group discussion and interactions
  • Personalized coaching to support application of concepts

This program is led by Jennifer Currence, a senior-certified HR professional and university professor
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